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Customize your experience

From basic to extravagant, from manual to digital, Invigoration Series steam generators and controls can turn every showering experience into a personal spa-like retreat.


The series can also pair with Kohler’s DTV+™ digital showering system. A digital shower gives you greater customization over your experience, and you can control every aspect with a touch of a button.

Add Multi-Sensory Components

With the digital shower option, you can add music with a KOHLER® Amplifier and SoundTile® speakers. You can also include chromatherapy with a WaterTile® Ambient Rain® shower panel. The Invigoration Series also lets you add aromatherapy to the experience.

Fast-Response® Technology Invigoration Series steam generators produce steam within one minute of pushing the power button.

Constant Steam This series is designed to produce steam at a consistent rate, which greatly minimizes temperature fluctuations.

Power Clean™ Feature At the touch of a button, water flushes sediment out of the generator through the steam head. No manual flushing is required.

Intuitive Operation The interface is easy to read and use with clear function indicators.

Eco-Friendly The Invigoration Series uses approximately one gallon of water per 20-minute session, which is significantly less water than a traditional shower experience.

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