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Mr. Steam


Steam is in MrSteam’s DNA. We have over 100 years of experience in steam manufacturing, which means we know a thing or two (or hundreds) about making the highest quality steam shower products. MrSteam is not just about the products it offers; it is about a mission we want to share with people around the world. One that reminds, empowers and enables us all to be healthy, live happy, and feel good. That’s why we always say, “we feel good when you feel good.”

People are living longer than ever, but are we living better than ever? With the stress of modern life, the shift from physical to sedentary work, and the barrage of new input in virtually every aspect of our lives, it’s abundantly clear that we need ways to feel better in body, mind, and spirit. Adopting a wellness lifestyle encourages you to take responsibility for your health and engage wholeheartedly in selfcare. Myriad steam shower benefits show that steam is the perfect addition to any wellness plan.


While private steam showers are a new concept to some, the tradition of steam bathing is nearly as old as recorded history and can be found, in various forms, around the globe.


Native Americans relied on sweat lodges to purify body and spirit. The Japanese have long enjoyed the healing properties of their plentiful natural hot springs. Ancient Roman steam rooms, Turkish hammams, Korean jimjilbang,


Scandinavian saunas, and numerous other traditions are all testament to steam bathing’s cultural and therapeutic significance.
















What does it take to put MrSteam in your home? The good news is that you don’t need a large house, special plumbing, or a dedicated steam room.


Our steam showers can be installed in just about any enclosed shower. The system consists of a steam generator the size of a breadbox, a sleek control panel, and a discreet steam head. Of course, you can enhance your steam shower with our AromaTherapy, ChromaTherapy, and MusicTherapy systems, but even these add-ons are as simple and compact as possible.


Wellness starts with MrSteam


– Helps maintain vascular function and health

– Supports cardiovascular health

– Helps maintain lung health

– Loosens stiff muscles and promotes flexibility

– Supports the removal of toxins from the body

– Prepares the body for relief from temporary joint pain and discomfort

– Promotes optimal breathing and opens nasal passages

– May provide temporary relief of respiratory symptoms

– Promotes sinus drainage by acting as a natural expectorant

– Cleanses and hydrates skin while opening pores

– Promotes an increase in blood circulation

– Supports lactic acid breakdown in overworked muscles

– May boost metabolism

– On average, has been shown to burn 150 calories in a 15-minute session at 114° F


– Encourages relaxation

– Helps relieve stress

– Supports mental acuity and cognitive function

– May help promote deep, restful sleep

– Fosters a sense of well-being



– Provides a place for rest and renewal

– Helps create moments of quietude and reflection

– May elevate your mood



– Uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2-hour steam bath

– Costs cents to operate

– Can be added to an existing shower

– May increase equity of the home

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